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Shuyou丨Health Surgery International Tour

日期 : 2023-12-12

Shuyou丨Health Surgery International Tour

In 2023, the epidemic spreads and flowers bloom,

Shuyou Medical, moving forward in pursuit of dreams,

Rooted in China and spread all over the world,

Health Surgery International,

Officially set sail!

Shuyou Medical is a company focused on the research, development and production of medical devices, committed to providing high-quality medical device products and services to patients around the world. In order to expand business and increase brand awareness, Shuyou Medical decided to participate in the Korea International Medical Equipment and Equipment Exhibition (KIMES).

KIMES is one of the largest medical device and equipment exhibitions in Asia, attracting medical device manufacturers, suppliers, hospitals and professionals from all over the world.

In order to successfully participate in the Kimes exhibition, Shuyou Medical has taken a series of measures.



Shuyou Medical understood the scale of the exhibition, the theme of the exhibition and the information of other participating companies in advance, understood the requirements of the exhibition organizers and sponsors, and prepared sufficient display materials and promotional materials.

2.Exhibition stand

Shuyou Medical set up a technological booth at the exhibition, displaying the latest medical equipment and technology, attracting the attention of many visitors. The staff of Shuyou Medical also introduced the displayed products in detail to attract customers' attention.


In addition to setting up booths, Shuyou Medical also conducted publicity and promotion through various channels. They posted show information on social media and invited customers to visit their booth to further increase brand awareness.



Shuyou Medical achieved great success at the Kimes exhibition. Their booth attracted a large number of visitors and won recognition and praise from customers.

In addition, Shuyou Medical's products and services have also received more attention and recognition, further increasing brand awareness and influence.